2nd Call for Submissions: Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy

Posted by Steven Nam, community karma 2055
The Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy is the first law journal to publish on the greater blockchain technology space, featuring Articles (peer-reviewed), Essays, and Comments. 

Run by a distinguished editorial board of Stanford and Stanford-affiliated scholars and practitioners, JBLP fills a critical need in the field for a neutral, disinterested, and reputable platform to publish high-quality content and advance discourse. Coverage spans (but is not limited to) the legal aspects of blockchain tech's and cryptocurrency's current and looming use cases, regulatory and policy ramifications, and the future of decentralization.

Please see our "For Authors" section (https://jblp.scholasticahq.com/for-authors) for submission guidelines.

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Bhekuzulu Khumalo, community karma 49
When you pursue regulation remember the promises of blockchain, it is essentially liberty. Humans are tired of corrupt money. In the West money is printed to give bankers, in Africa it is printed to give soldiers. Blockchain technology will force governments to change, because they will rightly have limited ability to cheat and look after special interest. It will be about ability, not connection.

However this does not mean there is no role for bankers, society will always need a pool of money and those with expertise in looking after that pool of money, bankers. Cryptocurrency in a wallet is just a fancy way of keeping money under the pillow it does not earn any interest.

There will be still a role for governments, to enforce contracts and collect taxes to ensure there is a justice system, a police force to protect citizens and an army to protect the country. However rampant spending will come to an end, there will only be so much money, that can't b printed at a whim. Look at the vision of blockchain not what is going on right now.
over 4 years ago
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