Accepting International Law and Human Rights Related Submissions

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The Rutgers International Law and Human Rights Journal is currently accepting articles for its Spring 2022 print peer-reviewed issue. We welcome the submission of articles and essays under 25,000 words (including footnotes). Articles above 45,000 words are discouraged.

Although young, the International Law & Human Rights Journal has already generated attention through its curation of timely, cutting-edge scholarship. Our inaugural Spring and Fall issues will feature prominent scholars and practitioners such as:

  • His Excellency, Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, President of the International Criminal Court
  • Former UN Special Rapporteur Felipe Gonzalez
  • Professor John Bonine
  • Professor Reuven S. Avi-Yonah

Our first year and a half has set the tone for the scholarship and perspectives in the fields of international law and human rights law that we endeavor to promote as a journal. We are committed to bringing into the American discussion on international law and human rights, those scholars which have heretofore been ignored or undervalued, and therefore we welcome the work of scholars or practitioners from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and other overlooked legal communities.

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jahid Siraz, community karma 69
Hello Editor.
I am jahid, can I have your email address, I want to sebmit apaper from Mlaaysia.


​​Did you notice how lovely morning today? May my Lord Bless you.

Stay safe and in solidarity with your beloved family members, and community: jahid siraz 

Current Call:

1. Handbook of Research on Practices, Challenges, and Prospects of Digital Ethnography as a Multidisciplinary Method: Chapter Submission Link: and Publisher: IGI Global: jahid, Haris Wahab, Rashid Saad, Parimal Roy, and Joseph Wronka, Springfield Colleges, United States

2. Decolonizing and Indigenous Social Work: Concept, Practice, Challenge, Prospects, Edited Volumes:For Chapter:

Our Book-Touring

3.  The 2020 Pandemic and Social Science: Some Insights from the South : University Malaya Press): 2021 [Book 1 of Covid-19 Trilogy]

4. COVID-19 Impact on Marginalized Populations and Support for the Future chapter/?projectid=e24d6f80-aa23-447a-9a5d-fb0f4162b033-2021 [Book 3 of Covid-19 Trilogy]

5. UBUNTU Philosophy in New Normalcy (Jahid Siraz, Haris Abd Wahab, Rashid Bin Mohd Saad, Joseph Wrokna (Springfield, USA, In progress with  Palgrave MacMillan, expected to be published in Dec 2021). [Book 3 of Covid-19 Trilogy]


6.  A Reciprocal Ethnography of the Bangladeshi Rakhain: Seeing with Ubuntu in the New Normal, Australia Pacific-2022

7. The Quantitative Ethnography in Indigenous Research Methodology Publisher: Anandya Anik Publisher, 2021

8. A Text of The Quantitative Ethnography in Indigenous Research Methodolog: An Asian Perspective

9. Reciprocity and Its Practice in Social Research

In Progress: 

10.  A Text Book on Decolonizing and Indigenous Social Work-2022

11. Anthropology and  Asia: History-Society-Culture: (in progress) 2022

12. Bondi Mononer Buddhijibign (Captive Minds-Bengali Book) 2022

13. Locating Anthropology in the Appearance of Logic (Bengali Manuscript) 2022

14. Research Handbook of Social Science as a Bridge to State and Marginality: Voices from the Global South 
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