Albany Law Review Call for Submissions: State Constitutional Commentary, Twentieth Annual Issue 2023-2024

Posted by Max Sevor, community karma 939
State Constitutional Commentary is a unique issue of Albany Law School’s Albany Law Review. This annual issue is comprised of articles exploring topics relating to novel concepts of state law. The theme for the 2023–2024 issue is:


This book will attempt to draw attention to how judges are selected to sit on the highest bench in various states. A central goal of the book is to analyze the different methods states have chosen to compose their highest court and discern factors that inhibit qualities that ensure judicial efficiency while safeguarding our democratic principles.

The State Constitutional Commentary issue is typically accompanied by a symposium that focuses on matters of novel state issues. This year’s symposium is centered around the theme of this book. This year’s panel will examine judicial selection methods from New York State’s perspective as it will analyze judicial selection methods chosen by other states and it will compare those methods to the current and past judicial selection methods provided for in the New York State Constitution. A transcript from the symposium will be published in this book. Articles should seek to accompany this transcript through similarly-minded ideas.

In addition, scholarship can also explore other areas outside of judicial selection methods that are topical and noteworthy to state constitutional issues. Examples of subjects relating to this concept include, but are not limited to:

1. The relationship between states and the federal government;
2. Measures taken to secure elections within the states;
3. State constitutional issues in the post-Dobbs era;
4. Developments of state constitutional law;
5. Other matters being debated among the states regarding constitutional alteration.

Interested authors should submit their articles to Kyle Durkee, Executive Editor for State Constitutional Commentary, at by November 1st. Articles will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all spots are filled. For further information, please contact Kyle Durkee at the email address provided above or visit our website