"Assuring Our Law School Grads Are Competent Lawyers" (Wall Street Journal)

Posted by George Diaz, community karma 1033
William G. Lawlor comments on a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed on the state of the Bar Exam:


"As the number of aspiring lawyers exploded, states adopted the Multistate Bar Exam, a multiple-choice test to be corrected by computers, supplemented by an essay portion. Prof. Bratman correctly notes that the Multistate Bar Exam is ill-suited to the task of assessing the suitability of future lawyers." 

What do you think of the state of the Bar Exam? Are reforms moving in the right direction? 

over 9 years ago

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Rob Walsh, community karma 1466
I hit a paywall trying to read the article. I was able to see the full version by googling the name of the article and clicking on the WSJ result.
over 9 years ago
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