Best practices for launching a new Open Access journal?

Posted by Brian Cody, community karma 143472

I've spoken with a few journal editors who are working on starting new Open Access journals, and the issue of best practices to get the journal up-and-running has come up quite a bit. There is a related question in the conversation about the nuts-and-bolts of starting a journal (, but I'm more interested in the planning phase and more strategic ideas rather than logistical tips.

A few ideas that have been thrown around are:

  • Solicit articles directly for the first 2-3 issues from big names in the field to jump-start the citeability of the journal, and get a few issues out the door.
  • Announce the new journal at the main professional conference in the discipline.
  • Develop themed segments that are of interest to your readers and can help you stand out (e.g. practical methodology tips, teaching best practices for the discipline, relevant news analysis, etc.).

Are there other tips or best practices editors should be thinking about when planning their new Open Access journal launch?

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Elizabeth Coody, community karma 607

Perhaps most are past this stage when they get to Scholastica, but I suggest clearly articulating the values of your journal in the earliest planning stages.  In my experience, the long and oftern arduous process of getting a journal off the ground can weary even the most devoted staffer.   Even with all the glorious benefits of Scholastica, the work is hard.  A clear statement of why you are doing all this and who you are doing it for (even before you solicit your first article) can be invaluable in the long haul.  Also, clearly stated values can help you narrow your focus.   A narrow focus in the field of open access journals means the right devoted audience.  Depth, not breadth, will help us reach the right people. At least, that's the theory!

almost 10 years ago
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Andrew Varnell, community karma 29

Here is an article we wrote on 5 needs for open-access journals. Feel free to contact us for more ideas and feedback.

almost 10 years ago
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