Brooklyn Law's Corporate, Financial & Commercial Journal- One Slot Remaining for Spring 2020

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The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law is seeking to fill the final slot for its Spring 2020 edition. The Journal currently specializes in corporate, financial and commercial law subjects, with a particular emphasis on securities and bankruptcy law. We look forward to reading your submissions!

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Michael Medved, community karma 747
See below a outline of my paper due Dec. 18 as well as the introduction to give you a sense of tone. Please let me know ASAP if interested.

In the paper, I plan to analyze such options as (1) if significant labor will be impacted -> non-traditional banks (IMF/WBO), (2) acquisition from large tech conglomerate Google , Fbook etc. (3) the Warren Buffet option (4) foreign investment from non-traditional resources such as Saudi Arabian money. Not sure which exactly I will choose.


I plan to start my paper with a brief introduction and then a background section split into subsections that discuss the prior bailouts. Each bailout will have a facts, background and fall-out section.


Then, the discussion part of my paper will analyze some combination of these options or others with a description and analysis of plausibility.


No Bailout, Mo’ Problems- The Nuclear Options

Saudi Investment, Silicon Valley Acquisition & Warren Buffet

I.               Introduction

It’s been ten years since the capitalism collapsed and with it the entirety of the world’s economy. Capitalism’s most famous critic had several and well thought out theories for why capitalism would fail as an economic model. Perhaps at some time in the future Marx will be proven correct. However, none of his theories would up as true in the 2000s recession which is scarcely known for just how close capitalism tumbled. Marx’s mistake in his analysis is simple. Marx failed to consider Occam’s razor. Humans are not perfect. In fact, humans do many dumb things.

The non-elite view Wall Street & Washington D.C. as a “House of Cards”. However- as the recession has shown us ‘outsiders’- the 1% can be more accurately description through the depiction in “Veep”. For fans of the show “Veep”- the world economy almost failed because we gave its keys to the Jonahs and Dans of the world. For those not fans of the show Veep, please engage in the following exercise. Think of the acquaintances you know that have or are currently working in investment banking. Now grade how moral you believe that person to be on a scale from 1 to 10. That answer, whichever you came to, is likely correct. Greed, lack of morality, and the dumb nature of humans almost lost all of what your parents earned for their many years of hard work.

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