Buffalo Law Review Welcomes Your Submission Now

Posted by Miriam Trojanovic, community karma 10215

The Buffalo Law Review is pleased to be open for article submissions for the Fall 2022 cycle!

BLR, the general interest flagship journal of the University at Buffalo School of Law, is now welcoming completed manuscripts, treating myriad legally significant topics, conforming to the Bluebook style of citations.

BLR publishes five issues per year with each issue containing articles from scholars, practitioners, and judges. Our growing reputation builds upon the incredible scholarship published thanks to your submissions, the careful individual attention we spend on each author, and our tireless commitment to a supportive and meticulous publishing-editing process.

We ask you to make your submissions using Scholastica. To find out more about Buffalo Law Review, please visit our page here. For additional questions and concerns, please contact Executive Editor Miriam Trojanovic.

Buffalo Law Review looks forward to hearing, and learning, from you this Fall!