Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tax Law Review Spring 2022 Symposium Call for Abstracts

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The Future of Food


Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tax Law Review Symposium 
at the University of Missouri School of Law 


March 10 & 11, 2022

            The Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tax Law Review will host a live symposium in March 2022 considering the future of food.  We invite scholars, industry, practitioners, policymakers, and other interested individuals to propose papers that consider law or public policy and the future of food, broadly speaking.  We will welcome proposals that consider any relevant bodies of law or policy (for instance, from international trade law to domestic patent law) and any problems or promises for the future (for instance, from food security to sustainability).  What lies ahead for food and the humans and animals that depend on it?  How might law and public policy play a role?  How should they?  Symposium papers — which may take the form of traditional law review articles or essays — will be published in the Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tax Law Review by the end of 2022.  

·      Abstracts should not exceed 750 words and should be submitted to by Thursday, September 30. 

·      On the basis of these abstracts, the symposium committee will select papers for presentation by Friday, October 8.

·      Draft papers will be due to by Friday, February 25, and circulated amongst the speakers for discussion. 

·      After the symposium, on March 10 and 11, speakers may finalize their papers, which will be due to the journal on Friday, March 25.  Essays should not exceed 10,000 words.  Articles should not exceed 20,000 words and may not exceed 25,000 words.


            The Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tax Law Review is housed at the University of Missouri School of Law and is edited and managed by an editorial board of law students.  Professors Dennis Crouch and Erika Lietzan at the University of Missouri School of Law will serve as faculty advisors for this March 2022 symposium.