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The Mitchell Hamline Law Review invites authors from around the country to submit abstracts of articles for publication in the Mitchell Hamline Law Review Volume 45, Issue 1. The theme for the issue is “Poverty Law.” The issue will feature articles addressing the effect of the law on low-income persons in a variety of legal settings.

Abstracts may be short, one-paragraph summaries outlining the author’s proposed topic. The submission deadline for abstracts is June 1, 2018. Early submissions are encouraged. Executive editor will notify authors of acceptance decision within 7 days of receipt of abstract.

Final drafts of accepted topics will be due to the executive editor by mid-August 2018. Final drafts should be at least 30 pages in length including footnotes. There is no upper limit on article length. Articles should be supported primarily by case law, legislative materials, regulations, and secondary sources.

Please submit abstracts and questions to:

Lisa Cline

Executive Editor, Mitchell Hamline Law Review Volume 45, Issue 1


almost 6 years ago

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Shams Al Din Al Hajjaji, community karma 187
Hi Lisa, 

Do you accept foreign/comparative poverty law abstract?
almost 6 years ago
Hello, Could you tell me more about your topic and how it relates to U.S. law and poverty? Lisa Cline
Lisa Cline – almost 6 years ago
It does not have a direct connection with the US law. It is a comparative law. I plan to write a research on the poverty laws and Sadaqat in Islamic, jurisprudence, law and (mal)practices Islamic countries. Shams
Shams Al Din Al Hajjaji – almost 6 years ago
Hi Shams, It sounds like you have a really interesting topic. Unfortunately, the topic does not meet the requirements for publication in this issue. I wish you the best in publishing your article. Lisa Cline
Lisa Cline – almost 6 years ago
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