Call for articles: Senator Warren B. Rudman Tribute Issue

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Good afternoon!

The University of New Hampshire Law Review is currently accepting submissions for a special issue that we will be releasing in April 2014 in honor of the late Senator Warren B. Rudman.

Senator Rudman was a principled and fearless leader who consistently placed national purpose above political expediency or convenience.  By publishing a series of articles that meaningfully contribute to a contemporary discourse on the issues about which Senator Rudman was most passionate – national security, privacy, foreign policy, military affairs, fiscal responsibility, and access to justice – it is our hope that this special edition of the law review will serve as a living tribute to his extraordinary years of public service.

In addition to this unique publishing opportunity, we would also like to invite all contributors to the special issue to join us for a symposium in mid-April 2014, which we will host in collaboration with the law school’s Warren B. Rudman Center for Justice, Leadership and Public Policy in Concord, New Hampshire.  Authors will have an opportunity to present their articles at this widely publicized event, which is sure to draw a robust mix of law school faculty and staff, judges, practitioners, academics, politicians, and students.

We will be accepting submissions for the special issue until February 14, 2014.

Thank you for your interest in the University of New Hampshire Law Review!

- The Editorial Board

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Kamoru Lawal, community karma 27
Is article written by lawyers from another jurisdiction accepted for publication?
over 10 years ago
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