Call for Papers: Albany Law Review’s 2020-2021 issue of New York Appeals and State Constitutional Commentary

Posted by Scott Owen, community karma 37

The Editorial Board of Albany Law Review invites submissions for publication in the issue of New York Appeals and State Constitutional Commentary, which focus on the New York appellate system and the rule of law in New York state courts.  We welcome theoretical, empirical, and policy-oriented papers.  We invite legal academics and practitioners, as well as law-related scholars, to submit their abstracts on topics exploring the ways in which state courts have or should have exercised independence from the direction of federal law—or not.  Or, any topic providing prospective on a New York Court of Appeals decision or any decision likely to reach or should reach the New York Court of Appeals.

Topics: Papers can approach issues relating to independent judicial federalism from the national or state perspective.  Legal, law-related, and multidisciplinary approaches are welcome.  As has been true for both issues since their inaugural issue, the purpose has been to explore public law in state courts, the appellate division, and the Court of Appeals with the widest range of perspectives.  Articles comporting with the vast scope of the aforementioned or within the general concept of state constitutional law are welcome. In addition, both issues are calling for articles relating to COVID-19 and Governor Cuomo and / or President Trump’s Executive Orders and their legality within the State of New York.

Selected Papers will be published in The Albany Law Review’s Vol. 84 issue of New York Appeals or State Constitutional Commentary. Abstracts should briefly describe the specific topic, and the perspective, as well as identifying the author(s).

Submission deadline: An abstract is due by November 26, 2020.  Authors will receive an email response no later than December 3, 2020.  Inquiries and submissions should be sent to Scott Owen,, Executive Editor for New York Appeals, or Bryan O’Keefe,, Executive Editor for State Constitutional Commentary.

The due date for final submissions is February 15, 2021.