Call for Papers: Columbia Journal of Race & Law

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CJRL seeks to publish articles that broaden the discourse around identity
and the role race and ethnicity play in situations across the globe. The
Journal is committed to publishing articles that call into question existing
paradigms, offer innovative solutions or critiques to current problems, or
bring to light a potential issue of future concern.

The Journal has published articles about issues such as affirmative action,
immigration, employment law, community development, criminal law,
political participation, education, environmental justice, and much more.

CJRL is especially interested in pieces from voices that push the
boundaries of current legal thought, while remaining academically
rigorous and true to a high level of scholarship. The Journal is committed
to publishing articles that inspire new thought, explore new alternatives,
and contribute to current jurisprudence and public policy. We welcome
your submissions and wish you the best in your scholarly endeavors.

CJRL publishes two issues each year: a Fall Issue and a Spring Issue. The
Journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts — articles from
legal scholars or practitioners. Submissions from current students will not
be considered.

All manuscript correspondence should be submitted via email to or through the ExpressO or Scholastica Submissions
Services. Manuscript citations must conform to the most recent edition of The
Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Please submit a resume or curriculum vitae
along with the piece.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis, although it is best to submit by mid-August
to be reviewed for the Fall issue and by the beginning of November to be reviewed for
the Spring issue.

QUESTIONS? Visit our website: or email