Call for Papers: JBEL Spring 2016 Symposium - Emerging trends in U.S. Business

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On March 03 2016, Pepperdine University's Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law (JBEL) and the Palmer Center for Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law will be hosting a Symposium on "Corporate Structure in an Emerging Market: Rethinking the Lawyer’s Role in Local Business Trends"

In conjunction with the symposium, JBEL is now accepting papers on related topics for publication in our Spring 2016 issue. Please forward your submissions directly to ( or submit them via Scholastica.

Whether you have a current publication, or forthcoming work, we invite all professionals, academics and practitioners to submit a manuscript for publication.  If you are seeking publication, or have a previously published work, we invite your participation in our Symposium as a speaker, or a guest.  If you do not have a manuscript speaking to this specific issue, we still encourage attendance.  All interested panelists and/or attendees can contact use directly at our submissions email to discuss participation.

The spring 2016 symposium presented
jointly by the Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Law and the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship & the Law,  seeks to bring together great minds from each of the journal’s namesake areas to discuss the significance of established and new businesses that break from the models of their predecessors, creating nuanced and unresolved questions of law, business and public policy.

This year’s theme will address the emerging issues that are faced by novice entrepreneurs and experienced businesses, exploring how traditional business models adapt to emerging issues, how businesses are formed, how they are currently managed, and the role of the lawyer in these decisions.  The topics expected to be covered include, but are not limited to:

The Start-Up Model vs. Traditional Business Model:

-Launching Start-Ups
-Reshaping Management and Employment Structure
The Novice Entrepreneurs: A Roadmap for starting an effective business today

Protecting Your Business
Protecting your Intellectual Property
Exclusivity of business and trade secrets
Competing legal and business interests when IP enters the market

The Lawyer's Role in making business decisions: Ethical Issues

Professional Responsibility
Fee Arrangements
aking ownership interests in business ventures
We look forward to hearing from you.

Cory Baker
Editor-in-Chief (Volume IX)

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Koesrianti Koesrianti, community karma 27

How to submit a paper to your journal or symposium.? 
Thank you. 
over 8 years ago
Good afternoon Koesrianti, Please forward your submissions directly to ( or submit them via Scholastica. Best, Cory Baker Editor-in-Chief
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