CALL FOR PAPERS ON DIGITAL TRADE - Issue 01/2014 of the Journal of Law, Market and Innovation (JLMI)

Posted by Anna Panarella, community karma 147
The Journal of Law, Market and Innovation (JLMI) welcomes submissions on DIGITAL TRADE for issue 1/2024


The concept refers to the (international) exchange of goods, services, software, technologies, and information through electronic means over the internet or other digital networks. It involves the import and export operations, buying, selling, and delivery of products and services using digital technologies, such as computers, mobile devices, and online platforms.

We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics related to international trade, competition law, and innovation, including but not limited to:
1. Global Trade Governance and Digital Trade
2. E-commerce and Digital Trade
3. Digital Assets
4. Data Governance and Privacy
5. Impacts of digital trade on the SDGs and inclusivity
6. Impact of EU and US export control regimes for technology transfer and technical assistance

Prospective articles should be submitted in the form of abstract (around 800 words) or draft articles (see below) to by 30 July 2023. Accepted authors will be notified by 15 August 2023.
Final articles shall be delivered by 15 November 2023 and should conform to the journal style guide that is based on OSCOLA.

The call can be downloaded here: