Call for Papers – Special Issue of the UCLA Journal of Law & Technology on Journalism and Information Integrity

Posted by Patrick Begian, community karma 43

The UCLA Journal of Law & Technology, in collaboration with the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy, invites papers for a Special Issue on the platformization of journalism, and regulatory efforts to safeguard and promote journalism and information integrity in the digital age. Successful papers will be published in the UCLA JOLT in early 2023, and authors will be invited to present their work at an upcoming conference event on law, journalism and digital platforms. 

A central impact of the rise of social media has been an undermining of traditional institutions of knowledge and governance. Print and broadcast media have been hit particularly hard, as purveyors of quality journalism suffered a catastrophic drop in revenues and market share. In response, governments around the world are considering a range of proposals aimed at supporting information integrity, which are ripe for consideration in terms of their likely effectiveness and their impact (positive or negative) on democracy and democratic institutions.

 Some potential areas for examination may include:

  • Legislative strategies for redirecting funds in support of journalism or journalists, particularly where these funds are sourced from online platforms.
  • Transparency and other regulatory strategies targeting the platform economy, particularly related to advertising and the surveillance economy.
  • Anti-trust enforcement, and its impact on the information economy.
  • Defamation law, and potential reconsideration of NYT v. Sullivan.
  • Other efforts to combat misinformation or promote integrity in the online discourse.

Papers should be received by October 15, 2022 to ensure full consideration. We welcome participation from a diversity of global perspectives, though submissions will need to conform with Bluebook standards.   

Please submit papers to The PDF should be named Last Name_First Name_JOLT Special Issue. If you have any questions, please send a message to the JOLT email.

We look forward to reviewing your submission.