Call for Papers: University of Miami Business Law Review Vol. 32 Issue 3

Posted by Roselyn Castillo, community karma 53
The University of Miami Business Law Review will now accept submissions for Volume 32, Issue 3. We are accepting papers on any topic related to Business and the Law.

Authors are invited to submit papers for this journal:

The Business Law Review publishes articles by professors, judges, practitioners and students. All articles—even those by the most respected authorities—are subjected to a rigorous editorial process designed to sharpen and strengthen substance and tone.  As a student-run organization, student editors make all editorial and organizational decisions.

The  Business Law Review has both a professional and an educational mission. It serves the legal profession, the bench, the bar, and the academy by providing a forum for the publication of original legal research of the highest quality. We receive and scrutinize hundreds of written submissions annually.

All articles must adhere to the 21st Edition of the Bluebook. Submissions should be in Times New Roman, no smaller than 12-point font, should utilize footnotes instead of endnotes, and should have numbered pages. All submissions must include (1) a brief abstract, (2) a copy of the manuscript, and (3) the author’s most recent CV or resume.

The deadline for submission is January 28, 2024. Submissions should aim to be between 25-40 pages including footnotes. Longer and shorter articles will still be reviewed and accepted based on quality. Submissions received after this date may still be considered for publication in this or future issues.

View the Publication Website Here.