Call for Papers: University of Miami Law Review Eleventh Circuit Issue

Posted by Caroline Herter, community karma 27
Every year, the University of Miami Law Review dedicates its fourth issue to articles analyzing current and timely issues implicating the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. As the premier publication for law review articles regarding the Eleventh Circuit, past issues have either provided broad overviews of pertinent topics or focused on a single, relevant theme. We are now accepting submissions for Volume 74, Issue 4, which will be published in the summer of 2020. We will accept submissions from authors on any timely and important Eleventh Circuit topic, although articles related to recent Eleventh Circuit criminal or immigration law are preferred. Moreover, submissions do not have to be limited to a federal issue or topic; we welcome articles that intertwine both federal and state issues. If you would like to submit a current draft of an article addressing an Eleventh Circuit topic or propose an idea for an Eleventh Circuit article, please email Caroline Herter at with the subject "Eleventh Circuit Issueā€¯ by December 15, 2019.