CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Millennial Leadership in Law Schools

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I am pleased to announce that I will be editing a new book titled Millennial Leadership in Law Schools: Essays on Disruption, Innovation, and the Future to be published by Hein. This book will seek to explore the role millennials will play – as faculty, administrators, or staff members – in shaping the future of legal education.

Description of the Book 

Legal education in the United States has undergone a unique evolution. Since their inception, law schools have claimed that preparing students to become ethical, efficient, and effective lawyers is central to their mission, but the curriculum has done little to prepare students for the day-to-day realities of legal practice. Thankfully, some law schools are shifting the approach and focusing on skills and experiential education, but the culture of many law schools remains an issue. While incoming, current, and graduating students want to be best-prepared for the careers upon which they’re about to embark, law faculty often maintain negative opinions about technology and skills-based curricula, leaving younger adjunct professors and those working in other student-facing offices on campus to pick up the slack.

While there is an increasing amount of literature on millennial leadership, generally, there is very little literature on millennial leadership in law schools, specifically.  As a group, millennials are excited to make changes in organizations that are often described as archaic, and which are often rumored to be near-extinction. To date, millennials are completely overlooked in law schools, particularly with regard to their being welcomed onto law school faculties. As a millennial who is working in both a leadership/managerial and a teaching role at an ABA-approved law school, I am uniquely aware of the challenges that have come my way due not only to my recent entry into the profession, but also due to perceptions about my age and my millennial counterparts.

This book will seek to explore the role millennials will play – as faculty, administrators, or staff members – in shaping the future of legal education, and what the academy can do to embrace the millennial generation as colleagues, not students. Ideally, the book will contain sections that fall into one of three categories: disruption, innovation, or the future of legal education, and the essays will discuss different parts of the law school experience, from admissions to graduation, and the way millennial leaders in our law schools can shape the future generations of lawyers we are training. I hope that this book will include essays from individuals in all law school departments and at a variety of institutions, to bring a depth of understanding about what millennials can bring to the table as we move into a time of great change in law schools and law practice.

Call for Submissions

I am seeking authors for each of these sections, and from each of the following generational groups:

·        The Greatest Generation

·        Baby Boomers

·        Gen X

·        Millennials

·         Gen Z

Chapters on any and all topics will be considered, with the above description of the book in mind.

Proposal Submissions Due: July 1, 2019

Notification of Accepted Submissions: July 8, 2019

Final Submissions Due: November 22, 2019

Publication Date: Late 2020

To be considered, please submit your name, brief biography, previous scholarship, and a 250 word or less abstract of your proposed contribution via this short form. Please submit one form for each abstract you are proposing. Co-authors should submit one form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the editor.

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Thank you! I am submitting something now, and I am glad you made this post.
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