Call for Submissions - Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law Spring Issue!

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The Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law (“BJCL”) is seeking articles for publication for  our Spring 2022 issue.

As one of the preeminent criminal law journals in the nation, recently ranked the #6  journal in the country for scholarship on criminal law and procedure, BJCL publishes work covering a broad range of topics in both substantive and procedural criminal law. 

Please see below for our general submission requirements for articles. 

Submission Requirements: 

§ Submissions must be related to some aspect of criminal law. 

§ Submissions must be novel and original work. 

§ Articles must comply with Bluebook citation format for law journal articles. 

Preference will be given to articles submitted by November 20, 2021. If you have any  questions, please reach out to our submissions team at We  look forward to receiving and reading your scholarship!
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