Call for Submissions - California Western International Law Journal - Fall 2023 Issue

Posted by Summer Wright, community karma 879

The California Western International Law Journal (ILJ) is accepting submissions for our Fall 2023 issue. ILJ publishes timely and original works on a wide variety of international legal topics, including public and private international law, the law of international organizations, international trade law, international environmental law, and international human rights. ILJ also publishes articles on foreign and comparative law that are of particular interest to the international legal community.

 Submission Guidelines: Please include a resume or CV with all submissions. ILJ does NOT accept submissions from law students who do not attend California Western School of Law. 

 Length: ILJ publishes articles of varying lengths and styles but highly prefers submissions under 25,000 words (including main text, footnotes, and appendices).

 Style: Submissions should use footnotes for citations and additional explanatory text. Additionally, please include a cover page with the title of the work, your name as you prefer to be listed in the publication, an abstract, a table of contents, your affiliation, and, if desired, any other bibliographical information and acknowledgments. 

 Citations: ILJ uses the BLUEBOOK, 21st Edition, as our citation style guide. For non-English language sources and personal research, please provide detailed and accurate citation information and have digital source copies available, if possible.

 Deadline: Please submit papers by July 20, 2023, to be published in ILJ.

 Please submit your completed paper through Scholastica and direct any questions about publication to the Executive Lead Articles Editor at or to the Editor-in-chief at,