Call for Submissions

Posted by India Peterson, community karma 31

The Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed journal, of global and transnational law in the broadest sense, invites original scholarly articles on all aspects of global and transnational law. In addition to law, the journal is open to scholarship in all disciplines. We welcome articles that examine transnational law as well as the transnational implications of international, domestic, public and private law. We welcome analytical and critical approaches of all kinds, including case studies, comparative studies and proposals for reform.  In addition to topics dealing directly with law, we welcome scholarship on the contexts, development, applications and effects of transnational law. We encourage submissions from all parts of the world; however, the language of the journal is English and at the present time, we can review articles in English only. Normally, published articles run approximately 10,000 words (20 printed pages); the journal uses standard blue book style and authors are responsible for proper formatting. Those guidelines are summarized on our web site (add cite). We prefer submission as an electronic attachment in Word but we will also accept hard copy. Please include a title page with your name and contact information separate from the manuscript to facilitate blind review. For the same reason, please do not include your name in any headers or footnotes. Submitted manuscripts should not be previously published or adapted from a previous publication. 

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