Call for Submissions: Denver Law Review Forum, Volume 100

Posted by Adam Estacio, community karma 65
The Denver Law Review Forum, the online compliment to the Denver Law Review, is considering submissions for publication. Here are some of the benefits of publishing to the Forum: 

  • Swift editing process averaging about a month and a half
  • Our website welcomes about 2,000 visitors a month. Most readers find our articles through google search optimization and social media
  • Articles experience average of 300 unique visitors in a three month period
  • Promotion of Article through social channels upon publication
  • After two years of live hosting on our website, article is posted to Digital Commons for archival. Digital Commons has excellent search engine optimization
  • Article posted to Westlaw & Lexis within a couple weeks of publication

We accept submissions from professors and practitioners under our three content clicks: National Stage, 10th Circuit Roundup, and Stakeholders’ Platform. While we will review any submission, we are targeting thoughtful content with a focus on diversity and equity in the law and those affected by the law.

  • National Stage: Comment notes on current issues of law and policy recently addressed or pending before the Supreme Court or Congress.
  • 10th Circuit Roundup: Comment notes on current issues of law and policy recently addressed by or pending before the Colorado Supreme Court, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Colorado General Assembly, or issued by executive order.
    • Stakeholders’ Platform: This series focuses on the effects of law and policy on Diverse Coloradans.

    Articles may be submitted by either electronic or hard-copy format. Electronic submissions should be sent to or submitted through Scholastica.