Call for Submissions for Florida Journal of International Law

Posted by Claire Wubben, community karma 99
The Florida Journal of International Law (FJIL) is currently accepting submissions for Volume 34 to be published for Fall 2022. We seek to publish articles devoted to discussion of prescient international legal issues. Interested authors are asked to submit their work through our Scholastica page. Submission through Scholastica is preferred, but authors may also submit their manuscripts and CVs directly to FJIL via email at Publication decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your submissions.

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Marshall Lloyd, community karma 651
I sent a manuscript on human smuggling that is a novel approach to border security impacting US-Mexico relations.I have a letter of publication agreement, but yet to hear from anyone. The paper is “Los Vaqueros, Coyoteros, y Pollos: Combating Human Smuggling beyond the Border.” The person who sent the letter is Brennan Monaco, Editor in Chief, Florida Journal of International Law, 01/20/2022.




Marshall B. Lloyd

almost 2 years ago
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