Call for Submissions: George Mason Law Review Forum (Civil Rights, State Criminal Codes, etc.)

Posted by Victoria Burke, community karma 47
George Mason Law Review Forum is looking to solicit a short piece of legal scholarship written on the legal implications of hate crimes legislation.
Topic: With the upsurge in civil rights activism and discussions regarding racial inequities, hate crimes and hate crime legislation are featured more prominently in today‚Äôs news. Suggested questions to prompt writing include but are not limited to: How does hate crime legislation currently fit into state criminal codes? Is there a specific purpose for criminalizing hate crimes separately from other crimes? What are the potential benefits or risks of bolstering and enforcing hate crime legislation? What other areas of the law could be impacted by the enactment or strengthening of hate crime legislation? 
Length: ~ 8 to 15 pages; No more than 20 pages