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Security of the Person: A Struggle for Protection

The Intercultural Human Rights Law Review (IHRLR) is currently accepting submissions of articles, essays, book reviews, notes, and responses to articles for Volume 17 (2021-2022).

Volume 17 of the IHRLR will focus on the right to security of the person across economic, social, political, and cultural boundaries and will feature articles of broad interest regarding State sanctioned abuses in light of human security versus State security. Accordingly, we invite submissions addressing aspects of this topic, including, but not limited to: 
-Extrajudicial killings by State governments. 
-The death penalty.
-Enforced disappearance.
-The Convention Against Torture. 
-Systematic forced removal of peoples. 
-Treatment of prisoners of war.

Submission guidelines:
-All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter or resume.
-The paper should be 20,000 words or less, written in English, and in Microsoft Word format.
-Text and citations should conform to the Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citations.
-Footnotes are strongly favored over endnotes.
-The use of gender-neutral language is highly encouraged.
-The use of the New Haven School is highly encouraged.

Submissions through Scholastica are preferred, but submissions through e-mail are also welcomed.

If you have any questions, please email us at We look forward to your submissions,

The IHRLR Editorial Board
St. Thomas University College of Law