Call for Submissions: Interdisciplinary Journal of Indigenous Inaakonigewin

Posted by Jenna Chemerika, community karma 51

As Canada moves towards implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples, Indigenous Legal Orders need to be reflected in all sectors of Canadian society. We invite people from all intersections of thought and place to submit a work on how this might be done in their field of interest.

Questions to consider for your submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Which laws in Canada impact program service and delivery for Indigenous peoples in your field?
  • How should those laws be amended?
  • How can Indigenous laws (Indigenous Legal Orders) be reflected in Canadian Law?
  • How can Treaties in Canada be better implemented and renewed?

As an interdisciplinary journal, we accept submissions that take the form of: academic research papers, poems, interviews, and short stories.  We are especially interested in works that discuss strategies being undertaken right now to decolonize Canada‚Äôs legal framework.

Submissions are open to all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in any field, including but not limited to: law, political studies, social work, education, history, Indigenous studies, medicine, fine arts, and business. Submission guidelines can be found on our website.

Submissions are accepted at or via our website.