Call for Submissions: International Journal of Technology and Educational Marketing (IJTEM), July 2017 issue (Volume 7, No.2)

Posted by Siran Mukerji, community karma 1999
The International Journal of Technology and Educational Marketing (IJTEM) presents, analyzes, shares, and collaborates ideas, experiences, research studies, and cases on the advancements and innovations in technology and educational marketing. Targeting educational planners, administrators, researchers, educational technologists, educational specialists, and marketing educators, IJTEM uses technology and marketing management for sustainable educational development. In addition to full-length research papers, this journal publishes insightful books reviews, case studies on educational institutions and their marketing initiatives across the globe, and technological initiatives taken by institutions for marketing their educational programs.
The Journal invites submissions for its July 2017 issue (Volume 7, No.2). Further details can be accessed at or contributors/authors/researchers may contact or for further information.