Call for Submissions - Journal of Law in Society (Spring 2022 Symposium)

Posted by Shea Mace, community karma 49

The Journal of Law in Society at Wayne State University is organizing its annual symposium for the spring of 2022. We are pleased to invite article submissions to discuss topics surrounding race, segregation, and education. 

More than 65 years have passed since Brown v. Board of Education and Brown II curtailed explicit racial segregation in American education. The civil rights battle over equal access to a quality education did not end with this decision, but rather evolved to focus on other issues such as busing, funding, the school-to-prison pipeline, or the right to literacy, among others.

Topics for presentation in the broad umbrella of this symposium might include:

  • How might the legal battle continue to evolve in the coming decade(s) and what legal tools can be used to achieve equality and equity in education?
  • What have been the successes and failures of movement lawyers since the Brown decisions and how might these lessons be applied moving forward?
  • How have the civil rights movements for racial integration and integration of individuals with disabilities in education affected each other or diverged since Brown
  • How does framing questions over individual rights, such as the right to literacy, affect other legal questions about education, such as busing or equal funding?
  • How have courts and the legal system responded to the increasing presence of police officers in schools?

The Journal of Law in Society emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach and a diversity of perspectives. As such, we will be open to a wide variety of papers that touch on these topics. In addition to law professors, we encourage submission by lawyers and other legal practitioners, law students, as well as those involved in or affected by legal movements for education.

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Steven L. Nelson, community karma 10365
Hi, Yvonne! I have a few quick questions. First, what is the deadline for submitting manuscripts (corollary: would you accept abstracts)? Next, do you accept student--other than law students--submissions (my doctoral students in education policy might be really interested in submitting)? Finally, can you share this call with me (or direct me to it on your website? I know some folk in practice that might enjoy a chance to submit their work.
almost 3 years ago
Hi Steven, Thank you for the questions. We're looking to have manuscripts by January 1, 2022. We would be happy to review abstracts earlier than that to discuss/gauge interest (ideally by mid-October or so), but would not officially accept anything until we receive the manuscript. We would also be happy to get submissions from doctoral students. So long as it's legal scholarship, we'd love to have a variety of perspectives. (FYI - This is also Steven Nelson - I'm not trolling you or anything by changing the username).
Shea Mace – over 2 years ago
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