Call for Submissions: Michigan Journal of Law Reform "The Poverty Penalty: America's Overuse of Fines and Fees" Symposium Issue & Caveat Online Publication

Posted by Amy Ciardiello, community karma 27

The University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform is currently accepting submissions for Vol. 54 Issue 4, a special issue dedicated to Fines and Fees, which will be a companion to our Winter 2021 Symposium, entitled “The Poverty Penalty: America's Overuse of Fines and Fees," and for Caveat, our online companion publication. Please indicate which publication you wish to be considered for in your cover letter. 

We are currently accepting submissions of any length. Short essays and longer articles will be considered. 

We welcome you to write on any aspect of fines, fees, and governmental revenue productionThe Journal requires submissions to have a reform focus and relate to domestic issues. The Journal also welcomes multidisciplinary and empirical work as contributions to this discussion, including work exploring how fines and fees interact with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For more information about the Journal and our submission guidelines: Thank you in advance for your submissions.