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The Northwestern Journal of Human Rights is seeking submissions on the subject of intersectionality, law, and post-conflict justice with respect to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The call for papers will complement a conference event held on February 02, 2024, on de-colonization, intersectionality, and the war in Ukraine.

Intersectional theory can be used as a legal technique to better understand how structural and systemic forms of oppression converge to create new forms of discrimination against persons with intersecting identities. The theory has wide applications in the realm of international criminal law and international human rights law to ensure that marginalized survivors of harm are not rendered invisible in accountability initiatives. In the context of Ukraine, intersectionality can help to ensure that the lived experiences of vulnerable Ukrainians, including those experiencing gender-based violence, are accurately captured by justice processes, particularly given the historical and modern Russian colonial and imperialist violence in the country.  

Examples of relevant topics include but are certainly not limited to the following: 

-Intersectionality as applied to accountability initiatives in Ukraine 

-Lived experience of women and those with intersecting identities like class, disability, age, race, color, language, geography, heritage 

-Conflict-related sexual violence 

-De-colonial theory 

-Cultural genocide and language rights 

-Forcible transfer of children 

-The war's impact on Ukrainian women's right to health and reproductive justice 

-Health consequences for refugees in host countries 

-The experience of aging Ukrainians and dignity in wartime 

-Indigenous rights and rights of Crimean Tatars 

-Any other topics that apply an intersectional lens to the war in Ukraine 

Thank you, we look forward to reading your submissions.