Call for Submissions - Online Nebraska Law Review Bulletin!

Posted by Brenna Grasz, community karma 147

Nebraska Law Review is now accepting submissions for publication on the Nebraska Law Review Bulletin. 

The Bulletin is an online component of the Nebraska Law Review. It offers a great forum to publicize your work, bolster your résumé, and discuss important issues in the public eye.

The Bulletin seeks shorter submissions (around 3,000-5,000 words). The publications are formal—yet shorter—alternatives to what is published in the printed version of the Nebraska Law Review. The Bulletin can also include responses to articles published in the Nebraska Law Review.


You also have the opportunity to publish your work as a "White Paper." Less formal than a traditional Law Review Article or Note, White Papers are only lightly edited and have no page limit or Bluebook requirements.  

There are no strict deadlines for submitting and publishing your writing on the Bulletin. The opportunity to publish on the Bulletin is available at any time throughout the year. Additionally, your article will be linked to Nebraska Law Review's Twitter account, @NebLRev, thus expanding the forum for you to express your thoughts and ideas.

Visit the Bulletin website 
to read published articles and to learn more about its publishing requirements.

Submit your writing through Scholastica for consideration!

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Amir Shachmurove, community karma 6103
Are you still accepting? I have a short piece - roughly 7000  words -- laying out the law as to deposition locations under the Federal Rules. It is a slightly more academic version of a memo an old employer loved, and one of my former judges likes it too. However, I could not find the Bulletin here, and the law review itself was flagged as closed. 
about 6 years ago
Amir, Yes, we are still accepting! Please email me at and attach your written piece to the email. I will be in touch with you shortly thereafter!
Brenna Grasz – about 6 years ago
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