CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Public Land and Resources Law Review, for Spring 2024 Publication

Posted by Anna Belinski, community karma 27

The Public Land & Resources Law Review at the University of Montana is currently accepting submissions for our 47th volume, which will be published in Spring 2024. We accept pieces authored by practitioners and professors, and specifically encourage submissions by persons of color and members of indigenous and other minority communities.

Since 1980, the Public Land & Resources Law Review has encouraged discourse on issues surrounding public lands, natural resources, environmental, and federal Indian law. On a biennial basis, the Law Review convenes a Public Lands Conference to enhance this discourse and provide a forum for national and international dialogue on these important issues. This year’s Conference, titled Gathering Wisdom: Building on 40 Years of Public Land Discourse, will focus on the accomplishments in the field of natural resources management on both our public lands and in Indian Country over the past 40 years and how we can apply the wisdom we have learned to the complex future of public and tribal lands. 


This year’s conference panels will include:  

EverythingEverywhere: Addressing Climate in Public & Tribal Lands Management – discussing how tribes and public land agencies are facing the call to address climate change during planning, collaboration, and in the decision-making process. 

The Access Conundrum: Defining “Public,” Defining “Rights” – examining how the polarization and politicization of public lands have shaped the debate over land use and conservation, the ways in which our lands are being “loved to death,” and potential solutions to access, all while protecting spaces of spiritual and cultural importance to tribes. 

The Evolution of Water: Imagining a New Future for Aquatic Ecosystems – exploring the role law and policy play in the ecosystem health of our rivers and waterways during a time of climate change and shifting views towards dams. 


We are inviting submissions that fit within either the general Conference topic or one of the more specific panel topics. Submissions may be sent through Scholastica, our website, or emailed to Articles are accepted on a rolling basis until the publication is filled. 



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