Call for Submissions - Quinnipiac Health Law Journal Volume 21

Posted by Taylor Wolff, community karma 43

Quinnipiac Health Law Journal invites submissions for publication in Volume 21, to be published in the 2017-2018 year.

Each issue of the Quinnipiac Health Law Journal features discourse on both practical and theoretical issues in the fields of health law and policy, biomedical ethics, and medical-legal research. Past issues have featured topics such as forensic evidence, legal medicine, long-term care for the elderly, fraud and abuse enforcement and compliance, and medical malpractice. This is not an exclusive list of topics; we are open to, and encourage submission of, scholarship relating to additional topics in health law and policy, as the health law field is constantly evolving.

We are looking for scholarly articles that are at least 20 pages in length, double spaced, but will also consider shorter submissions. Articles can be submitted through Scholastica or by e-mail. Please attach a cover letter and curriculum vitae with each submission.

Quinnipiac Health Law Journal is a wholly student-run publication. Our mission is to further legal research and to provide an avenue of scholarly discourse in the areas of health law and policy, biomedical ethics and medical-legal research interests of the students of the Quinnipiac University School of Law and the legal and medical professions abroad.


Taylor Abraham Francis Wolff

Editor-in-Chief, Volume 21

Quinnipiac Health Law Journal