Call for Submissions--Richmond Public Interest Law Review

Posted by Andrew Mullen, community karma 37

The Public Interest Law Review at the University of Richmond School of Law is welcoming submissions for the General Assembly Issue.

The Public Interest Law Review, formerly known as the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest, vol. 1 (1996)—vol. 22 (2019), is the scholarly voice for issues pertaining to social welfare, public policy, and a broad spectrum of jurisprudence. The General Assembly Issue, published once a year, takes a closer look at the importance of legal issues and legislation passed during the General Assembly session. With this issue, the journal emphasizes the changes in the law that affect the public interest legal sphere and Virginia law generally.

Because Richmond Public Interest Law Review publishes issues electronically, in addition to in print, page limits are not as relevant to our editors as they are in the world of print publications. We are happy, therefore, to let authors take advantage of this feature and to include material that they might otherwise have to cut to be published in a print journal in the electronic publication. That said, the authors retain discretion to publish abbreviated articles in print, while publishing the entirety of the article online. Articles should be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to We look forward to reading your submissions.


Andrew Mullen

General Assembly Editor, Public Interest Law Review