CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: San Diego Law Review is accepting articles for Spring 2018

Posted by Preston Bennett, community karma 39
The San Diego Law Review (SDLR) is currently accepting article submissions to be published in the Spring 2018 semester.

SDLR is committed to publishing articles and essays written by academics, judges, and legal practitioners from around the world.  We are interested in all works that push the boundaries of legal thought.  We guarantee a two-week turnaround on submissions.

Please submit your article here.  If you are unable to submit electronically through Scholastica, please submit articles to  We look forward to working with you.

Preston Bennett
Editor-in-Chief, Volume 55

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Steven L. Nelson, community karma 10365

Are you willing to review a paper that is currently in APA citation format? I could change the citation format to Bluebook, but I may not be able to get around to doing it until the end of the semester.
over 6 years ago
Steven, Thank you for your inquiry. Because a significant part of our review process focuses on how much editing work must be done below-the-line, it is difficult for us to properly assess the publishability of an article not in Bluebook format. We would be happy to review your article after it is in Bluebook format.
Preston Bennett – over 6 years ago
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