Call for Submissions - Seattle University Law Review - Epoch: Institutional Transformation and the Law

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Call for Papers - Epoch: Institutional Transformation and the Law

Seattle University’s Law Review and Black Law Student Association are excited to announce the second annual Epoch Spotlight Symposium dedicated to uplifting and amplifying Black voices and ideas within the legal community. The theme of this year’s Epoch Spotlight Symposium is Institutional Transformation and the Law.

Transformation has begun to manifest in many sectors since our last Spotlight Symposium. The 2020 social uprisings, which were experienced at varying levels and across a multitude of institutions, served to be a catalyst for this change. Derek Chauvin was convicted for the murder of George Floyd; Juneteenth is now a federally recognized holiday; Madam Vice President Harris—the first female, Black, South Asian American—is in the White House; and the Washington State Supreme Court pledged to “eradicate racism” in the courts. The pervasiveness of systemic inequities, however, is still undeniable. Most notably, the epidemic of systemic racism and the racially disparate outcomes are prevalent in nearly every sector in our society. Public and private organizations within the legal field have pledged to take steps to address these inequities and injustices. Such injustices have been identified and continue to be named. Evanston, Illinois, for example, is leading the charge on reparations; local governments are implementing Restorative Housing Programs; and Departments of Public Safety are beginning to replace traditional police departments. Does this represent a shift that will change material outcomes for those most impacted by systemic inequality? If so, how? If not, why?

We will use our platform to dive into discussions pertaining to ongoing transformation in our courts, classrooms, and workplaces. Specifically, we will examine themes such as shifts in Washington state’s judicial sentencing philosophy; an appraisal of bills affecting school curricula, administration, and admission; and the impacts of widespread adoption of Diversity & Inclusion policies in the workplace. These only account for a few of the topics we aim to elevate during this edition of Epoch. As such, this year’s Spotlight Symposium and accompanying Seattle University Law Review issue will critically examine the possibilities and limitations of creating institutional transformation through the law.

The symposium will be a full day with the hope that authors will participate in the entirety of the symposium and will present their articles. Confirmed symposium speakers and panelists will be announced in the coming months, including a special keynote speaker. The symposium articles will be published by the Seattle University Law Review in spring 2022.

If your work and passions align with the goals of this year’s Spotlight Symposium, we highly encourage you to submit an abstract or preliminary draft of your article. Those wishing to submit an article for consideration must send an abstract or article draft by November 30, 2021. We will complete our publication offers by December 31, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why submit an article to be published in the Epoch Symposium issue?

We are proud to continue the partnership between Seattle University’s Law Review and Black Law Student Association to host a symposium focused on amplifying the work and contributions of Black authors, professionals, and leaders. This endeavor is not only symbolic of change but is also a medium to effectuate change. We look forward to your contributions and to a more equitable future.

Why publish with Seattle University Law Review?

At its core, Seattle University Law Review strives to embody Seattle University School of Law’s mission to educate powerful advocates for justice. Seattle University Law Review is dedicated to publishing high-quality scholarship that both contributes to the advancement of critical and relevant legal discussion and features legal contributions from a broad spectrum of perspectives. Seattle University Law Review provides our authors with a first-rate publishing experience and highly qualified editors who strive for excellence in their editing, legal research, and academic writing.

U.S. News & World Report has consistently recognized Seattle University School of Law as having the top legal writing program in the nation, and the most recent report has again ranked us in the top ten. Additionally, Law Review is ranked among the nation’s top 100 law journals largely because of our significant online presence and outreach efforts, which result in increased citation to authors’ articles. Our business and marketing team also ensure that practitioners, professors, and alumni receive a printed copy of your article.

If I publish my article with Seattle University Law Review, will I be required to present at the symposium?

No, authors are not required to present their article at the symposium, though we do encourage you to do so! Authors may participate in the symposium as a presenter. The symposium will include speakers and panelists who are not publishing articles but are experts in their respective fields.

How do I submit my abstract or drafted article?

Please send all submissions or related questions to All submissions must include “Epoch Symposium” in the subject line.