Call for Submissions: Special Issue re Chile v. Bolivia (Silala River Dispute)

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Call for practitioner submissions addressing the transboundary water dispute between Chile and Bolivia over the Silala River. The case, currently pending before the International Court of Justice, presents the opportunity for a range of scholarship addressing this timely and compelling international water law issue. Central themes include transboundary water relationships, Indigenous water rights, the question of conflict or cooperation over scarce and finite shared resources, socio-economic philosophies on water resource management, a comparative law analysis on international and interstate resource management in the face of climate change, and more. Members of the Editorial Board will be traveling to Chile in January to meet with Chile's litigation team, government officials, and several Indigenous groups throughout the Atacama Desert. Solicitations for scholarship have already been extended to several prominent international water law academics with connections to both parties in the case. 

Deadline for expressing interest: November 18, 2022*
Deadline for submissions: December 31, 2022*
Publication: Spring 2023

*Willing to afford flexibility as necessary.

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