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The American Bankruptcy Law Journal seeks articles making significant, original contributions to the field of bankruptcy law and related subjects for publication in Volume 98 (2024).

In contrast to the majority of law reviews, manuscripts are only accepted for publication after a double-blind peer review by one of a group of leading bankruptcy scholars and judges. Then one or more of the bankruptcy judges who serve on the Journal’s editorial board edits each accepted manuscript. Editorial standards are rigorous. The Journal publishes three issues each year. Generally, an issue will cover a range of bankruptcy subjects. Occasionally there will be a symposium issue treating a central theme. Several different issues may be in preparation at one time.

The guidelines for submission of manuscripts to the Journal and information of interest to authors are distinct because of our unique status as a judge-edited journal and our peer review system. Those guidelines are available on Scholastica or by visiting the ABLJ website (www.ablj,org). Manuscripts may be submitted through Scholastica.

Thank you for your consideration.

Judge Terrence L. Michael

Editor in Chief

American Bankruptcy Law Journal

7 months ago