Call for Submissions -The International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology

Posted by Liu Ben, community karma 41
The International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology seeks submissions of technical, conceptual, and empirical studies addressing the application of algorithms, machine learning, automation, and other artificial intelligence tools and methodologies in the legal/social/policy arena and assessing their effectiveness in emerging economies.

Social trust in AI-driven legal systems
B2G data sharing and data philanthropy
AI, democracy, development, and the rule of law
LegalTech for law firms and corporations
Legal data mining
Algorithmic decisions systems
Automation in law
Machine learning applied to legal tasks
Visualization and legal design
Responsible AI in law
Accountability and ethics of AI
Computational law
Liability of autonomous machines
Technology standards
Blockchain and smart contracts
AI methods as empirical research methods
Discrimination-related implications of algorithms and AI
Bias and stereotypical thinking in algorithms and AI
Discriminatory decision-making and machine learning
Algorithmic law and the transformation of legal education
Algorithmic law and the change in the legal profession

While other topics about algorithms and their effects on laws and society may be accepted, priority will be given to publications addressing the abovementioned issues.

If you are interested, please submit your relevant manuscript and current resumé/curriculum vitae (including contact information) through Scholastica or to Please find the submission requirements below.