Call for Submissions: The University of New Hampshire Law Review Vol. 21, Issue 1 (Fall 2022)

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The University of New Hampshire Law Review is accepting submissions for Issue 1 of Volume 21! 

Publishing in our journal has several benefits. Out of respect for each author’s unique voice and expertise, it is our policy to perform minimal substantive textual edits on each piece. We focus our textual edits on grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph length, internal consistency, and the like. Our primary goal is to ensure that all assertions are properly supported and that all citations are in compliance with the Bluebook. With that said, our editing staff is more than happy to provide any other particularized feedback upon your request. 

We begin the editing process by pairing you with a dedicated member of the senior staff. The senior staff member manages two to four associate editors who focus exclusively on your article. Because a small team is responsible for your article, we can provide you with regular updates as your manuscript makes its way through the editing process. 

To see further submission guidelines or learn more about our publication, follow this link:

We look forward to reading your manuscripts!

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