Call for Submissions: The Washington Journal of Social and Environmental Justice

Posted by Charles Van Duyn, community karma 39

The Washington Journal of Social and Environmental Justice at the University of Washington School of Law advances legal scholarship on themes of social equity and justice in all its expressions, understanding that a sense of dignity and equitable treatment are as essential to life as clean air, clean water, and a habitable planet. 

We invite the submission of any article oriented toward justice, equity, or the public interest for publication this Autumn. Publishable topics may include, but are not limited to: feminist jurisprudence, immigration law, tribal rights, workers' rights, and, as always, novel topics at the intersection of the environment, justice, and society. 

Founded in 2009 as the Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, the 2021-2022 academic year marks the Journal's first as The Washington Journal of Social and Environmental Justice. This reimagining broadens the mission of the Journal to reflect the Editorial Board's commitment to the public interest and equity for the marginalized, complemented by a steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability. With this new vision, we aim to foster and train a generation of legal practitioners, scholars, and policymakers with an appreciation for the interconnectedness of our rights, our actions, and our environment.