Columbia Journal of Race and Law Call for Spring Symposium Edition Submissions: The Integration of Race and Ethnic Legal Issues Into the Core Law School Curriculum

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Columbia Journal of Race and Law will be publishing a Spring Symposium Edition that will have Articles focused on evolving the core law school curriculum to grapple with the enduring effects of racial and ethnic inequality in the United States, the legacy of Slavery,  and explore the ways in which core curriculum can incorporate racial and ethnic differences and history.

  1. How and/ or why law schools should restructure the first year curriculum to include courses discussing race and ethnic legal issues and policies within the United States. 
  2. How and/ or why Professors and law schools can integrate race and ethnic legal issues into the current first year curriculum. 
  3. Pedagogical strategies, case studies, empirical work, and anything of that nature. 
  • Between 10-20 pages 
  • Double spaced 
Please let us know if you are interested and have any questions or concerns! 

Ariana Momtazi-Bushweller
Editor-in-Chief, Columbia Journal of Race and Law