Connecticut Law Review: Call for Submissions for Commentary Issue on Abolition

Posted by Mallori Thompson, community karma 49
The Connecticut Law Review is looking for articles, essays, notes, and comments on abolition. The selected submissions will be published in Volume 53, Issue 3, set to publish in Spring 2021. 

The focus of this Issue is on police and prison abolition as a social and legal project. The purpose of the Commentary Issue is to uproot the American dissociation that a militarized and colonial police force and culture is necessary for public safety and a functioning society. We will feature various works by lawyers, activists, sociologists, anthropologists, and other scholars that address frameworks for dismantling the pillars of the police state: prisons, prison profiteering, and hyper-criminalization; the policing of women’s bodies, queer bodies, and BIPOC bodies; racialized social welfare policing; crimmigration; and international imperialist efforts.

The Commentary Issue will be centered around a lead article and will be followed by shorter papers that narrow in on a specific argument for abolition or pose a specific idea for the cultural and legal work that must take place during and after dismantling the prison system. 

We are open to receiving submissions from students, activists, scholars, and legal practitioners. Papers should generally be between 10–20 pages double spaced. After selection, the final drafts are due January 7, 2021. 

To submit your paper by email, please send the piece and a copy of your CV to with the subject line "Commentary Submission" until November 7.

To submit via scholastic, please send the piece, your CV, and a cover letter indicating you are submitting for the Commentary Issue between August 1 and September 15, 2020.

Any further questions can be directed to Sophie Bossart, Commentary Editor,