Cybaris® Volume 7, Issue 1 Available For Purchase on Amazon

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Cybaris®, an Intellectual Property Law Review Volume 7, Issue 1 is available for purchase on This Issue contains the following articles:

  • "The USPTO Patent Pro Bono Program" by Jennifer M. McDowell and Saurabh Vishnubhakat
  • "Exceptions to Prosecution History Estoppel Are Hardly a Dime a Dozen: An Analysis of the Federal Circuit's Application of the Narrow Exceptions to Prosecution History Estoppel Twelve Years After Festo" by Rachel C. Hughey and Lindha Nguyen
  • "#Trademark Law: Protecting and Maximizing the Value of Trademarks in an Evolving Social Media Marketplace" by Betsy A. Butwin
  • "At the Crossroads of Intellectual Property and Government Contracting: Case Studies and Practical Pointers" by Courtney A. Hofflander and Theodore M. Thompson II
  • "Picasso on Staff: Employee Classification, Copyrights, and the Creative Process" by Sarah A. Howes.
If you would like to be considered for publication in Cybaris®, Volume 8, please submit your article and resume on Scholastica or by emailing

Molly Littman
Cybaris®, an Intellectual Property Law Review, Volume 7 

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