Does Scholastica support international legal scholarship?

Posted by Julia Davis, community karma 37

I have recently finished a Legal Masters thesis in the UK and am currently undertaking some human rights research in Australia.  I know that the American market for legal scholarship is by far the largest, but there are also a number of well-regarded global academic legal publishers (i.e. Oxford Journals; Cambridge Journal of International Law; European Journal of International Law; University of Melbourne Journal of Inerntational Law, etc.).  Does Scholastica offer support for non-US legal scholarship?  Does anyone have experience applying for publication in both the American and International academic markets?

over 11 years ago

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Brian Cody, community karma 164432

Yes, journals based in any country can use Scholastica.

Law journals can accept submissions and manage the review process on Shcolastica in two ways: they can join many US law reviews that allow simultaneous submissions via the law review submission pool, or the journal can operate independent of other law reviews and set whatever author guidelines they want.

If anyone would like to chat about challenges of submitting to both US and non-US legal journals or ideas for improving the process, please let us know

over 11 years ago
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