Effectively Demonstrate Impact to Win More Research Funding Grants in the Humanities

Posted by Avi Staiman, community karma 57

Funders in the Humanities are increasingly looking for evidence of long-term impact. However, many academics find the tactics and metrics used to measure your research’s broader impact more elusive. Robert Towsend, Director of Humanities, Arts, and Culture programs at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, will share his experience on how to successfully pursue funding in the Humanities and how to maximize your findings to show funders the real-life impact of your research.

 You will receive:

  • Insight on how to identify appropriate funding bodies in the humanities

  • Tips on how to present your research to policy-makers to contribute to civic life

  • Recommendations on how to speak to the media and audiences outside of your field

June 29 at 4:30 PM Israel time / 3:30 PM CET / 9:30 AM EDT on Zoom

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