Experience using NVivo 9 Server for a Large Project with Many Subprojects

Posted by Michelle Naffziger-Hirsch, community karma 91

I am hoping to connect with another researcher who has extensive experience with using the NVivo 9 server version to manage coding of qualitative data for a large project with many subprojects. I am part of a research team that is running a few different NIH-funded longitudinal studies. As we are setting up our project for data analysis we are encountering lots of questions!  We are exploring a formal consulting arrangement with QSR but wanted to also explore working with a super-user.

To give you a sense of what we're up to: Collectively, our team has over 800 interview participants that are part of a longitudinal study. We have 7 different coders and at least 3 subprojects at the moment (a number which will likely be upwards of a dozen subprojects within the next few years). Many of these subprojects will draw on the same interview transcripts. Our project will continue to grow very quickly as we re-interview students yearly. We have some codes that we will want in all transcripts (universal codes) as well as some codes which will only be in particular subprojects and we’ll want to be able to easily pull node reports based on project. We are evaluating whether to work in separate subprojects we merge later into a master project or whether to create a master project with subprojects (designated by classifications and “sets”).

Thanks in advance for any leads!

over 12 years ago

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Rob Walsh, community karma 1466

We sent this to a couple listservs and unfortunately no one had any answers. The funniest bit about your question though is that NVivo retweeted it but didn't give an answer: https://skitch.com/robwalsh0/8wyx5/qsr-support-qsrsup-on-twitter

over 12 years ago
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