Final Call: Georgetown Technology Review - Article for Inaugural Publication (Decisions within the week)

Posted by Andrew Schreiber, community karma 45
The Georgetown Technology Review is a new publication affiliated with the Georgetown Technology Law and Policy Institute that seeks to bridge the divide between technologists and legal practitioners struggling to understand each other's unfamiliar modes of thinking. Specifically, the Georgetown Technology Review features a modernized law journal model, wherein each issue is comprised of one thematic organizing legal article, accompanied by meaningful technology explainer pieces pertaining to the article, case comments, literature reviews, student notes, and relevant legal developments. Legal practitioners, policymakers, and technologists alike will have access to comprehensive scholarship with a real-world impact.

For the inaugural issue, the Georgetown Technology Review is currently soliciting one additional:
  • Main Article on pertinent developments in technology law, providing an in-depth treatment of legal issues (Approximately 6,000 words and/or 40+ pages)

Editors will work extensively with authors to ensure their selected submissions are reviewed thoroughly, quickly turned around, and well-polished, all with the author's input throughout the production process.

While technology will serve as the publication’s organizing principle–with the traditionally considered categories of privacy, intellectual property, cyber security, and telecommunications covered extensively–the Georgetown Technology Review will take a much more expansive approach to legal subjects. Such topics to be explored may include healthcare technology, e-Discovery, the impact of new legal services on the profession, and regulatory approaches to new technology like self-driving cars, smart cities, and drones.

In keeping with the technological ethos and embracing the medium, the Georgetown Technology Review will be operated exclusively online and will be open access. Two core issues will anchor the semi-annual publication, in addition to a consistently updated flow of shorter content in the form of legal news and technology explainer pieces.

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