Georgetown Law Journal ONLINE is accepting pieces for publication!

Posted by Grace Paras, community karma 43
The Georgetown Law Journal Online is selecting pieces for publication. Generally, we tend to look for pieces on current topics and shorter pieces for our online publication. We will preference pieces submitted by October 25th, but will continue to consider pieces submitted after that if we haven't reached capacity by then. Any pieces for submission to GLJ Online can be mailed directly to Senior Online Editor, Anna Aguillard,

*Note: The Georgetown Law Journal in print has finished selecting articles and will resume selection for Vol. 109 in Feb. 2020. 

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Peter G. Wales, community karma 265
I've got one on the rule of law, and it's origin, American standard and contemporary violations, including the Kavanaugh hearing and the dueling Committee hearings fby Judicial oversight and Intelligence  Please advise if interested and I can send an abstract. It's 29k. Thanks!

Peter G. Wales
over 4 years ago
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