Georgetown Technology Review Seeking Spring Submissions on Financial Technology (Fintech)

Posted by Andrew Schreiber, community karma 45

The Georgetown Technology Review is now seeking submissions for our Spring 2017 issue, specifically pertaining to financial technology (fintech).  Relevant topics could examine technology’s disruption of financial products, systems, and the laws that govern them; regulatory responses to the rise in online banking; cryptocurrencies and digital marketplaces, as well as associated questions resulting from the intersection of technology law and finance. All pieces examining fintech will be considered and promptly afforded a publication decision. We will be accepting articles, student notes, case comments, literature reviews, and technology explainers on a rolling basis.

The Georgetown Technology Review is affiliated with the newly established Georgetown Technology Law & Policy Institute that seeks to bridge the divide between technologists and legal practitioners struggling to understand each other's unfamiliar modes of thinking. Specifically, the Georgetown Technology Review features a modernized law journal model, wherein each issue is comprised of one thematic organizing legal article, accompanied by meaningful technology explainer pieces pertaining to the article, case comments, literature reviews, student notes, and relevant legal developments. Our inaugural issue will be released in November 2016.

In keeping with the technological ethos, the Georgetown Technology Review will be operated exclusively online and will be open access.